In the depths of the Amazon rainforest, thousands of villages have seen their way of life change dramatically over the past century. The influx of modern technology, deforestation, and the drug trade have threatened and reshaped their lifestyle and culture. While Catholicism is widespread in the country, many indigenous tribes see the gospel as just one more foreign invasion. This team will serve with SEARA and RMM workers to spread the gospel in villages along the Amazon River. This outreach is not for the faint of heart, as the team will be without modern conveniences for extended periods of time. Opportunities will include construction, labor projects, kids programs, friendship evangelism, and supporting long-term workers.


In April 2016, the country of Ecuador was crippled by a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The effect on this very poor region was devastating. In Manta, the Shekinah Foundation has labored for over 20 years to serve the needs of at-risk children and adolescentsómany of them escaping abusive situations. In the wake of the earthquake they find themselves in desperate need, and this all-girls team will serve alongside the foundation to care for, invest in, and mentor these individuals. Additional opportunities include home visits, earthquake relief, manual labor, assisting in church planting, and partnering with the Ecuadorian church.


Over the last few years, an unprecedented migration has taken place along the Europe/Asia border. Millions of Syrians, Iraqis, and other Middle Eastern and African people have traveled to Europe, seeking safety and a better life. This team will spend three months in Greece, reaching out to immigrants by distributing supplies, building relationships, doing manual labor, and teaching English. For the second half of outreach, the team will reach out to a different immigrant population in a nearby country. They will spend their days connecting with international college students, practicing relational evangelism, discipling new believers, supporting a church plant, and assisting long-term workers in ministry.


In the Himalayas, there is a history of repression of Christianity. Before 1960, no Christian could even live in this country. While followers of Jesus have more freedom today, converting to Christianity is still hazardous. Yet in spite of the danger, the church in the Himalayas is the fastest growing church per capita in the world! The Himalayas team will be involved in a variety of outreaches including trekking into unreached villages, volunteering at a drug rehab center, teaching English, preaching, earthquake relief, and helping with discipleship training.


Once a French colony, this southeastern Asian country has struggled to find its role in a region that is dominated by other, more advanced countries. While the government is actively working to develop alternative energy in order to generate income and bring in foreign investment, 80 percent of the Indochinese people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture and natural resources for survival. This team will serve alongside a local NGO, assisting in relief work and educational projects. Other possible opportunities include building relationships with students, prayer ministry, discipling young believers, teaching English, and encouraging the persecuted church.

North Africa*

This region of the world is a center for Islamic learning and heritage, and those who become Christians are often persecuted for their faith. Only about five percent of all people in this region have ever met a Christian or heard the gospel. After language study, this all-guys team will work alongside RMMís long-term workers on several community development initiatives. Possible projects include dairy farming, agriculture, and renewable energy. The team may also spend several weeks trekking into mountain villages to share Jesus, in many places for the first time.

South Africa

While the country of South Africa has had a tumultuous history, it has emerged as an example of strength, unity, and resilience. Still, the scars from decades of apartheid and violence remain, especially in the poverty that afflicts 40 percent of the nationís people. Young children tend to be the most vulnerable, and in rural Africa many children are abused, neglected, or afflicted with AIDs. This team will work with a local childrenís home to care for the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the orphaned and neglected children. Additional activities may include after-school tutoring, mentoring, manual labor, and sports outreach.

South Asia*

Throughout this region of South Asia, millions of people struggle to survive on less than $1.25 each day. Yet even in the face of a hopeless economic situation and violent Hindu radicalism, the church is expanding at an incredible rate. This team will spend their time on the road, traveling to isolated villages to share the gospel through preaching, singing, dancing, and dramas. This outreach is not for the faint of heart, but for those who have a passion to reach the lost and encourage the persecuted church. The team may also have the opportunity to work at a rural orphanage teaching English, leading daily devotions, and playing with the kids.


Because of its geographical location and culture, Spain is often called the crossroads between Europe and Africa. While many North African Muslims have migrated north to Spain, Catholicism is still very deeply rooted in the Spanish culture. Most people, however, donít have a personal relationship with God. This team will partner with RMMís long-term workers in building relationships and reaching out to the Spanish people. Outreach options include: prayer ministry, teaching English, friendship evangelism, immigrant ministry, homeless ministry, food distribution, and volunteering at an agricultural youth camp.


Known as the ďLand of SmilesĒ, the Thai people use a cheerful countenance to conceal the darker parts of their culture. Human trafficking, substance abuse, and hopelessness run rampant, while their Animist-Buddhist worldview encourages them to persevere in hope that life will be better in their next reincarnation. This team will join RMMís long-term team working in building relationships and discipling new believers in Bangkok. After language school, they will spend their days teaching English, ministering to kids, prayer walking, and mentoring the children that are part of the long-term team.

USA (Montana)

The Native American people of the northwestern United States have a long history of mistreatment and oppression. Forcibly displaced from their ancestral homes, many now live on reservations where poverty, suicide, and a sense of hopelessness prevail. This team will work among the people of the Flathead Reservation in northwestern Montana with a thriving ministry that is dedicated to sharing the gospel through a variety of ways. Outreach opportunities include sports ministry, labor projects, relational ministry, childrenís programs, church planting, and working with several programs sharing the gospel throughout the state.


*Location is considered closed to Christianity, so the team will have to be wise about sharing Christ and careful about what they share with people back home.