Ecuador  Katie, Brenda, Erica, Alisa, Esther (team leader), Rachel

This all-girls team will be serving alongside the Shekinah foundation to care for, invest in, and mentor children and teenagers, many of whom are orphaned or escaping abusive situations. Additional opportunities include home visits, earthquake relief, manual labor, assisting in church planting, and partnering with the Ecuadorian church in evangelistic efforts.
Eurasia  Danae and Daniel (team leaders), Kurt, Micah, Sarah, Lauren

This team will spend three months in Greece, reaching out to immigrants by distributing supplies, building relationships, doing manual labor, and teaching English. For the second half of outreach, they will reach out to a different immigrant population in a nearby country. They will spend their days connecting with international college students, practicing relational evangelism, discipling new believers, supporting a church plant, and assisting long-term workers in ministry.

Himalayas  Robert, Aaron, Raegan, Jared (team leader), Brianna, Candace

The Himalayas team will be involved in a variety of outreaches including trekking into unreached villages, volunteering at a drug rehab center, teaching English, preaching, earthquake relief, and helping with discipleship training.

Indochina  Derrick (team leader), Megan, Kara, Shayne

This team will be serving alongside a local NGO, assisting in relief work and educational projects. Other possible opportunities include building relationships with university students, prayer ministry, discipling young believers, teaching English, and encouraging the persecuted church.
North Africa  Asher (team leader), Garret, Treyvon

After language study, this all-guys team will work alongside RMMís long-term workers on several community development initiatives. Possible projects include dairy farming, agriculture, and renewable energy. The team may also spend several weeks trekking into mountain villages to share Jesus, which in many places is for the first time.
Spain  Ruthann (team leader), Mandi, Gabrielle, Alexa

This team will partner with RMMís long-term workers in building relationships and reaching out to the Spanish people. Possible outreach options for this team include: prayer ministry, teaching English, friendship evangelism, immigrant ministry, homeless ministry, food distribution, and volunteering at an agricultural youth camp.
Thailand  Lacy, Kris, Noah, Josh and Nikki (team leaders), Paige

This team will join RMMís long-term workers in building relationships and discipling new believers and seekers in the capital city. After language school, they will spend their days teaching English, ministering to kids, building relationships with university students, prayer walking, and mentoring the children that are part of the long-term team.
USA, Montana  Kelly, Christian, Trent (team leader), Amy



This team will work among the people of the Flathead Reservation in northwestern Montana with a thriving ministry that is dedicated to sharing the gospel through a variety of ways. Opportunities for outreach include sports ministry through Athletes in Action, labor projects, relational ministry, childrenís programs, church planting, participating in Bible studies, and working with several programs sharing the gospel throughout the state.