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Meet Trent!

*Over the next six weeks we are going to introduce you to this year's SEND Staff Interns.  Wanna get to know our SEND Staff Interns better?  Head on over to our SEND Facebook page and ask them a question!*


Name: Trenton Michael Miller

Age: 20

Hometown: White Pigeon, Michigan

Favorite Color: Blue... dark blue, I guess?  I don't know kinds.  Maybe more of a fuschia.


Where did you go while you were in REACH?

Greece.  We helped a church build a prayer house/guest house and worked with college students.


What has been the best part of being a Staff Intern so far?

We'll just say... the people here.  My fellow staffers and the directors of course.


Most embarrassing moment so far?

While we were visiting the Bruderhoff we were singing a song and I was holding the hymnal.  It was a fairly large book and we were in the middle of a song.  Well, I started losing control of it, and it flew out into the middle of the circle and made a loud noise. 


What do you miss most from home?

The snow.  My family I guess.  And my puppy.  She's great.


What is your least favorite part of cleaning the RIC?

The bleach.  It burns your eyes and your nostrils and you smell it for the rest of the day (or week).


What is your favorite book of the Bible?

Psalms maybe.  Because there's just so much good stuff in it.


What's your favorite possession?

My phone... maybe?  I don't know.


What is the secret to understanding girls?

How the crap should I know?  You got me.