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The Little Things

Hello from the wonderfully cold, currently sunshiny, and not so snowy Columbus!

    We have been here for just a little over a month now and it has been somewhat of an adventure. Kellie has already told you a bit of what each of us does here at the RIC on a regular basis, so I will just fill in you a little bit on what we have been doing in the past few weeks.
   The first few weeks here were a little overwhelming in the sense that we didn't really know what our job responsibilities were. I can't say we all have it down yet, but we are definitely well on the way. I think things are coming together for all of us slowly. The great thing is we are all new at this and learning together. It makes it quite fun at times.
   One of the things we as a staff are doing is taking a few classes. The first class is Public Speaking with Ken Davis. It a course on DVD that we watch once a week and then we prepare speeches on assigned topics. It is an interesting course and has already shown each of us a few things we need to work on. The second class is Perspectives on the World Christian Movement or just Perspectives for short. It is a 16 week course that we will be receiving certificates of completion for.  We have required reading and homework to complete each week. At the end of the course we will also have an integrative project to be completed before we can receive our certificates. In addition to the weekly readings, on Wednesdays we also have 3 hour classes to attend, with a different speaker each week. 
   One thing God has really been showing me since being here is how I need to trust Him in every aspect of my life. Yes, I trusted Him in the BIG things, to Africa and back, and I trusted Him enough to change my plans for this year and come here. But am I trusting Him in the seemingly little things too? This week especially God has been addressing the fears I have in my life. The things I am holding onto that are holding me back from trusting Him completely. Fear has been something I have dealt with most of my life, but I thought I had gotten over it when I went on REACH. God is really showing me the areas in my life I am holding back, because I am afraid to just let go in faith. The verse that has been running through my mind all week is 1 John 4:18, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." That's my prayer. That God's love will drown my fears and I will be able to trust Him completely in every little part of my life. I'm sure it's not going to be easy and it kind of scares me if I'm being honest. That's my desire though. That in every part of my life I will be able to live confidently for Him, secure in His love. Thankfully, I am surrounded by people that are full of God's love, and are walking beside me in life. I couldn't do it alone.