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Meet Kristyn!

*Over the next six weeks we are going to introduce you to this year's SEND Staff Interns.  Wanna get to know our SEND Staff Interns better?  Head on over to our SEND Facebook page and ask them a question!*


Name: Kristyn Nicole Byler

Age: 24

Hometown: Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

SEND Staff Intern Role: Hospitality Assistant

Favorite Color: Green.  Not quite neon green, but close


Where did you go while you were in REACH?

Malawi and Kenya.  Both.  We were in Malawi for the first three months, but due to complications with our outreach coordinator we moved to Kenya.  We helped out the local church and missions.  Mostly we did friendship evangelism and spent our time hanging out with young adults and some kids.


What has been the best part of being a Staff Intern so far?

Hanging out with the other staff interns (at least so far!). 


Tell us about the outreaches you're involved with here in Columbus:

On Wednesdays I go to the Dominican Sisters of Peace nursing home.  We help the residents play bingo, and then we reminisce with them about days gone by.


What's your all-time favorite food?

Pizza.  I like all pizza, because you could eat pizza every day of the week, and it could be different, so you would never get tired of it.


What has God taught you in the past month?

His plans are better than mine. 


Where can you be found on your day off?

I don't really have days off... but you'll probably find me at a coffee shop or reading a book.


Who is your favorite author?

Ted Dekker.  I like how he incorporates the battle between good and evil into all of his books, and the way that he ties his different series' together.


What is the secret to understanding girls?

Don't ask me that one.  Nope.  I got no answer, except the secret to understanding girls is realizing that you will never understand them.