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Hello everybody, this is Connie, I will be talking about the last two weeks. Starting after conference which was awesome, we came back and started our Fall Orientation. This consisted of a book study, debriefing, evaluations, one on ones, a few sessions, and work.

"Behold, I am coming soon"

Hello to all! I am happy to be alive and well, God is good. So I have the pleasure to tell you all about the past few weeks of being here, although two of those weeks we weren't actually in Ohio. I wasn't sure where Gabe left off so I checked and realized that I get the joy of telling you about our last and final group of City Challenge. This summer was one of the fastest summers I've ever had. Our last group was a combination of Greenwood Mennonite from Delaware and Light in the Valley from Sugarcreek, Ohio. I was able to go help with a community garden that our friends Emily and Aaron Starr built. It hadn't rained for a week or more so the garden was pretty dry and there were a lot of weeds that needed to be taken care of. The kids that were with me did a wonderful job and Emily was so thankful for all their hard work. 

The next day we did the prayer challenge, which involved going downtown and doing a scavenger hunt along with praying for Columbus. Heidi and I were sitting at the statehouse waiting for groups to find us and there was a lady sitting across from us on a different bench. Heidi said that she felt like we should go pray for her, so we went over and she asked her if we could pray for her in any way. Jennifer, the lady, got a strange look on her face and said that it was weird that we came over and asked her that because she literally just found out that her dad has cancer. We asked her if we could pray and she said she preferred to pray by herself so we said ok and went back to our bench. We prayed there for her. She said that she was very blessed and started to cry while we were talking to her. Later that day, another lady around our age came and sat on a bench beside us and we started talking to her. As we started talking we learned that she was born in Uganda and grew up in Paris and has been living in the US for two years now. She was a very nice lady and we ended up exchanging numbers so that we might be able to go out for coffee later. It seems that God may be opening a door to share about Him.