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Spring is here!

Hello everyone!!  This is Tina; I just thought I would let you know how awesome the weather is right now, it's so warm and I love it!! Connie also does considering she is from Texas and doesn't like cold.  I hope it is just as beautiful where you all are.  Well I will start where Courtney left off, the weekend after we came back from Flint.

The weekend looked different for everyone. Courtney, Ally, and I all got to go home for Easter.  Gabe and Connie went to their teammate from India's house.  And Nathan rode his motorcycle for most of the weekend I think. 

Coming back into the week, Connie and I went to victory on Monday and helped clean and sort clothing.  The first week they are always closed so they can get everything ready for the rest of the weeks in the month.  We sort clothing into gender and age (men, women; boys, girls, infant) and by season (winter, summer).  It is actually pretty fun to look through the clothing and see what some of the people wore.  We have found some pretty amusing things let me tell you.