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God is GOOD

Hello everyone! This is Courtney, one of the hospitality assistants if you didn't know! This is my first official blog update...woohoo!! Well, the past 2 weeks have been nothing short of crazy. I have so much to say, so i'll start with the beginning of last week. Monday and Tuesday we had some pretty intense cleaning days because we had 2 groups coming that weekend and we were leaving on Wednesday for our staff Missions trip. So we spent those two days cleaning the entire building. We are all becoming pros at flipping rooms and doing it in record time! I was so thankful for everyone chipping in, because Connie and I would never have gotten it done in time! Soon we're going to be so good at making beds that we can just throw the sheets on the beds and they will immediately make themselves. Well, we can dream, right? We were also very thankful for two young women from RBC who came to help us make beds. A huge shout-out to Tara Yoder and Kandace Miller!!! You helped us so much! On Wednesday we hit the road and ended up in Flint, Michigan. We stopped for lunch at a rest area and had a picnic on the floor of the snack machine building. I can say that was the first time I ever had a picnic at a rest area! We arrived around 3:30 and met with our coordinator, Lynette. That night we helped out with the kids ministry at the church, Riverside Tabernacle. We actually slept there the whole week. We split up and helped out with the little boys, little girls, and the youth. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the kids. On Thursday we worked all day at the house that Lynette was flipping to make into a halfway house for men to come live until they could live on their own. It is called the HOPE house and she was also going to use the basement for her ministry, Shammah ministries.So some of us tore out the kitchen floor, painted, and the guys dry walled the basement. The guys were really frustrated with the dry wall job before us and it made for a really hard day for them. We spent all day working and then we had the evening off. The guys made supper and then we went to the YMCA and played some Raquetball. It was so good for us to just have a fun evening and get some frustration out by pounded the ball. We felt much better afterwards. Friday we spent the morning practicing our worship set for the Silent Auction the next night. Around noon we headed out and Lynette took us around and we passed out sack lunches to some people. We then helped set up for the Silent auction, and then we had life group!! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat supper and watch March Madness, of course! Go OSU! Anyway, then we decided we wanted ice cream so we typed Diary Queen into our gps. We followed it and got there, but there wasn't a Diary Queen. So we drove a little farther and it apparently had moved or something, so we ended up finding it. That was a amusing adventure! Saturday we went with Revive Flint, which is a ministry where 2 times a month they do door to door and ask people if they would like prayer for anything. So I was in a group with Tina and a older man named Lee. We went and knocked on doors, some people answered, and some didn't. It was a very interesting experience! We stopped at a house and the man invited us in and we got to talk to him and his wife for a long time. It turns out that they were the parents of Claressa Shields, an 18 yr old who won the gold metal in boxing in the London Olympics. That was super sweet!! We also got to pray for a lady that just had a baby and was going to school. Although it was a really good experience, there were also some not so fun parts. Tina and I really didn't get to do any of the talking, Lee took over. We were kind of bummed about that. But it is a really cool ministry and we got to meet some really neat people. The silent retreat was later that night and we helped Lynette out and we played music. We got to lead music for a half hour and I could really feel God around us. Sunday awe went to Shawn Eicher's church and led worship, and then Austin gave the message about the Great Commission. We had a potluck after and then we headed to Shawn and Nadia's house and spent the day there. It was such a blessing to be able to rest at someone's house, without an agenda. We pretty much just slept, watched a movie, played games and hung out all day. It was a really refreshing day for all of us and exactly what we needed. After going pretty hard all week, we were so thankful for a day to rest. 

A Year in Columbus, Reflections from former SEND Interns

Now that the craziness is over, three of the 2012 SEND interns took some time to collect their thoughts and share about what they learned through their service.

Janae Horst
Middlebury, Indiana

As I spent a week at the Rosedale International Center for re-entry after living in Kenya for six months, my heart's cries were for mentorship, more training, and someone willing to challenge me and set an example of how to live radically in an apathetic and "me first" culture. In some ways, I felt totally unprepared to go home and know how to apply what I learned during outreach. My eyes had been opened to my selfishness, and I was afraid of being thrust back into the same temptations to live for myself. I was afraid that I'd forget and eventually stop caring. I remember speaking with HR Director Mim Musser and asking what to do. We were taught many things about what to expect when we returned home, and that was helpful, but what I really wanted was for someone to walk alongside me and understand what I was going through.

God at Work


"The Holy Spirit works in churches. But never forget that he's also working in bars and theaters, in ballparks and stadiums, in museums and concert halls, in politics and government, in novels and journals. In short, our Lord the Holy Spirit has gone wherever believers can go. Everywhere you go, you'll find the Holy Spirit creating beauty, revealing truth, manifesting goodness and stirring a hunger for the reality of God." 
         - Steve Brown, from the book What Was I Thinking 

This quote brings out an idea that I have found to be incredibly true as I have had opportunity to work among people of all ages at various stages in their walk with the Lord. The truth is that a missionary is simply a Christian with open eyes looking for the Lord at work, and a little bit of courage and faith to follow his lead. If we are called to engage the world, it is going to be hard to do that from a church pew. Too often we switch things and expect the Lord to work in us on Sunday but then for him to take that Sabbath break the rest of the week. What would it look like to search him out in our everyday moments, to deny the mundane and instead see opportunity? Or even to not just ask him to work, but to expect him to already be working?

Alumni Happenings

Every few months we put together a list of births, weddings, and other interesting alumni happenings to keep you up to date on what is going on.


Renee (Miller R 99 & 01) & Joe Byler welcomed their daughter, Emryn June, on February 26, 2013.

Sara (Miller R 01) & Mitch Swartzentruber welcomed their son, Theo Wesley, on February 27, 2013.

Please email any births, weddings, missionary appointments, or changes in your life that you want to let us know about to:


So I don't know how to explain the last 2 week, Refreshing is one word that comes to mind despite feeling pretty busy. We have been trying to get into the swing of things here. Trying to balance homework, outreach's like at a soup kitchen, rebuilding together, and a local bible study for inner city youth, And all the responsibilities that come along with our job.


Well Hi everyone!! I apologize for the delay. I will try to remember some of the details from the last two weeks.

First of all I have to say God is good. He does amazing things and His ways are great.