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Kudos to Seed Planters

Greetings from the RIC! Schedules have been crazy the past two weeks, and that does not help some of our already crazy minds, but God is SO good. Time has flown by since we arrived on January 6th, and we have seen God move in so many ways.

As the Community Outreach Coordinator, my job is to search for outreach opportunities in the community and see which places we can plug into. I have been blown away by how much work God is doing here! I have been around this area of Columbus for a little while before this year, and I obviously did not realize how much work God has done and is still doing in this community.  Initially, we laid out all of our options and decided which ones God was leading us to, considering we can't do all of them, even though we'd like to. We decided it would be counterproductive to try to do a wide variety of outreaches, because we would be spreading ourselves thin, eventually becoming ineffective considering we would not be able to give 100% of our energy to every single outreach. So, as we have been narrowing our focus on specific outreaches, we have been so blessed to not only join in with what God's people are already doing here, but we have seen the fruit and evidence of seeds planted by last year's staff interns, and we have been able to begin to continue the work that God started through them. To be a part of this progress is such a blessing. So, kudos to last year's staff (and Jesus... especially Jesus) for planting seeds!

Better late than never...

Well hey there everyone! This is Gabriel, your friendly neighborhood Intercessor, finally getting around to writing his blog update. I'm going to do my best, but I apologize in advance for any details that I've forgotten. 

So, our first two weeks of official interning. No more orientation, this is the real McCoy. Now we're playing for keeps. So, first impressions from our first weeks:

Time is at a premium - Every Friday after lunch we have an Info and Scheduling meeting to make sure that none of our schedules are conflicting, and it can be a little overwhelming. There is quite a bit that we have to fit in, and it can be difficult to try and match up six different schedules. A lot of us feel like we don't have much time. Not that they overload us here, but everything is so segmented that it feels like we don't have a lot of unstructured time. And since we're taking a college course on Perspectives of the World Christian Movement for the next 10 weeks, what time we do have is (or should, sometimes we just procrastinate) filled with homework for that. We're also doing a public speaking class, so speech preparation adds another layer of stress. But we're trucking through, and we still manage to find time for fun and relaxing and just being us.