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first official blog

Hello friends! I hope all is well with everyone! It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Most of us arrived on the 6th, (Connie and Gabe came on Monday). We unloaded all our stuff after we arrived. Courtney, Ally and I were all slightly concerned as to how we were going to fit all of our stuff into the room. Considering we had our floor covered of stuff and also a large section of hallway. But after a few or more hours, we had everything organized and even had extra room after Connie came! Not bad for four girls I would say.  We picked Connie up at the airport Monday evening. We made signs for her, one letter of her name on each piece of paper. We ran around the airport looking for her and found her and ended up spelling her name backwards. We eventually got it figured out. it was quite amusing. our schedule has looked pretty similar for most of the days, we have breakfast at 8 together, then quiet time until 9:30, worship until 10, session until 12, lunch, more sessions of sorts from 1-3 or 4, supper at 5:30, then fun time at 6:30. We are taking a college level class on Tuesday nights called Perspectives. The class is about missions. Along with this class comes a lot of reading homework and a worksheet every week. This week's reading is about the Kingdom of God. It is really interesting. I have never really understood or thought about what the Kingdom of God really is. I've always thought of it as a thing like a realm, but in fact back in the day it meant to rule or reign. It was an action! Crazy! So when we say "Your Kingdom come" it is meaning "Your rule or reign come". I was intrigued.

Thank God We Aren't In Charge


Complete surrender. Full submission of our whole beings to God. Complete devotion to the King of Kings. In pursuit of these goals, most likely many of us have prayed to God, asking him to do whatever he wants: "Lord, I'll go wherever you want me to go, do whatever you want me to do; just use me, fill me." That can be a dangerous prayer. And God may be answering it right now in your life, but his answer may end up looking a lot different than you expected.

"No one ever told me it was going to be like this...I don't like this...This isn't what I expected..." So often we don't want to accept God's answers to prayer. When we take a close look at what it means to follow Jesus, however, we see that Jesus doesn't say if you suffer, he says when you suffer. When we choose to follow him, he promises hardships. He promises tough times. But he also promises to walk with us through those times.

Alumni Happenings

Every few months we put together a list of births, weddings, and other interesting alumni happenings to keep you up to date on what is going on.

Before Outreach, There's Homework


Greece, Kenya, Spain, Thailand, and more. Young adults entering REACH, RMM's short-term missions program, have the opportunity to share their faith in another culture while taking in the new sights, sounds, and foods. But first, there's three months of Discipleship Training School, or DTS, described ominously in the brochures as "intense." A quick read over the blogs posted by aspiring REACHers during these three months reveals positive descriptions like "great" or "exciting," but there are other troubling key words mixed in like "challenging," "painful," "discipline," "stretch," and "scary."