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A Rare and Special Gift

Hello everyone! Janae here, with some reflections on my time here as a staff intern.
As we approach our ninth week of REACH training, I'm amazed to see so much growth in such a short time. With each week of sessions and outreach, I see change in individuals. There is nothing quite like seeing truth realized for the first time. It's so awesome to look back and remember my time in training two years ago and see how far God has brought me. Sometimes change comes slowly and it's hard to mark progress, but in a training like this, I can easily recall where I was two years ago, and praise God for how far He has brought me!

Time is flying and soon my term here will be over. Lately I've found myself reflecting quite a bit on my life here. This year has been a year of change for me. I've been praying what seems like years for total surrender and that prayer has been tested many times throughout the year. When I first arrived, I was quickly tested in love. What does it mean to really love instead of just tolerate? God stretched me and humbled my heart so many times and continues to do so even now. I was sent to outreach locations where work there seemed pointless at times, but I trust that God used me to show Jesus' love to kids and homeless alike. City Challenge rolled around and I experienced ministry from the other end. Instead of being filled, I was the one pouring out...from 7 till midnight or later. It was one of the most draining times of my life, yet God spoke to me in it all. He used me and taught me how to keep going on His strength alone. REACH came out of nowhere and it was full speed ahead! My time with the participants has been so special. Ministry week was a huge highlight as I watched God heal and restore life in such a gentle yet powerful way. I can't wait to see what's in store for them overseas.

When God's Goodness Slaps You in the Face

Hello Faithful Readers, 

It is Megan here. I hope you are ready for yet another blog update from a not so faithful writer. I Apologize for my tardiness and hopefully by the next time I will succeed at writing a blog on time. I have no excuses. :) 

With a title like this you are probably wondering what in the world I am going to write about or what in the world is wrong with me. You may have raised your eyebrows, grimaced, smiled, ignored it, or maybe you didn't even read it. So if you didn't read it, you probably have by now because I referred to it and are now in the category of confused people. With me saying all of this, you should know that they title of this is really not important at all and I am not really sure why I wrote it. Those are the words that did come to mind when I began to think about what I am soon going to be writing about. You see, I feel like lately I have been reminded daily, if not hourly of how good God is to me. His goodness has been overwhelming and often I just have to sit down, catch my breath, and repeat another prayer of gratitude. I have felt such an outpouring of His love and goodness that I really cannot even begin to put all that I am trying to express into words.