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REACHers are here!

REACH has officially begun! All the REACHers got here last weekend, and are in full swing of this new chapter in their lives! Its been going very well so far. The first week is always hard, because the week is very full of sessions, rules, policy, etc. And of course getting to know their teams and others here this fall. Everyone is getting along great, and many memories have been made already and its only the beginning of the second week!

For us staff, its been an adjustment with having 30 some other people living here! But we are getting adjusted well, and its so much fun getting to know each and every REACHer! It is never boring around here, witch makes it very interesting and fun!
God is so good! I am very excited to see how God is gonna work here during DTS, and then also as the teams go overseas!

Denise :)