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The summer continues

Wow this summer is flying by we are already done with our 3rd city challenge group! This group came from southern Indiana and another group from north west Ohio. We had a lot of fun with them and it might sound like we are repeating ourselves but God showed up in ways we could never had guessed He would. It's amazing to watch Him work throughout the week and see how the kids are completely different by the time that they leave. Things ranged from a homeless man telling the kids about the book of Revelations, to another person asking about king David, and another turning our pray walk for him into him praying a blessing on all of us that were in the group. However we interns know its only though Him that we can accomplish anything at all in this program. This next week we have a retreat that we all will enjoy very much. After that we have three more city challenge groups that will be coming then its conference! I just can't wait to see what God has in store this next month for the kids coming in and even us interns. Because I know that its not only the kids learning things it us to for sure. Please pray for boldness and courage with the upcoming groups as well as safety while we are out and about.


The Summer begins!

Our summer is now underway! We just got done with our second City Challenge. It was a great week! We saw God work in the kids lives in more ways then we could ever imagine. We had two groups here this week. One was from southern Indiana from a church called Berea. The other group was more local, from Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship. We took the kids to many homeless outreaches which they all loved. A couple times we just went brown bagging, which means we make sack lunches and take a bottle of water and we go to the parks or just on the street and we hand them out. Along with just giving them some food, we also like to sit and talk with them, and in the end, pray with them. There are many great stories that come out of these trips! Another highlight for the kids, was our Prayer Challenge. This is when us as staff go out into different places in the city, and the kids are kinda on a "race" to come and find us all. The point of this is not to win, but to talk to people and also pray for them, and to pray for the city of Columbus. So it was a really great week! Now we are looking forward to the next group that will be coming on Wednesday! So I know for myself, and the other staff members, this afternoon and Monday, we will be catching up on some sleep and just resting up before the next group comes! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue through the weeks of City Challenge, that we will be able to help these kids grow closer to God! Even though it is a great week, it is also very exhausting! So also pray that us as staff have the strength to keep going throughout the week, and that we will be able to keep up with our sleep! And for the City Challengers, that their hearts and ears will be open to new experiences, and that God will work through these kids lives to become closer to Him! 
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This week we had the privilege of meeting some new people. The REACHers came back this week!! They came on Thursday and Friday and it was so good to finally put the faces to the names. It was so good having them here at the RIC for the week. They spent most of their time debriefing from the past 6 months of outreach. That's how they spent the majority of their time but we also got the opportunity to spend some time with them. We got to hang out with them and hear some of their awesome stories. We got to do things like play ultimate Frisbee, eat ice cream from Grataer's, play volleyball, do crafty things, and just hang out and talk a lot. It was really encouraging having them here. It was good to hear how all of the stories of how God worked and is working in them. It just proves that God is still good and that He is still living and active. God did some really amazing things over their outreaches.

Having them here also brought up a lot of emotions for us as staff. I think at least for me it took me right back to last year when I was coming back from Spain. It was easy for me to put myself in their place and imagine that it was me who was getting ready to go back home. It brought bitter sweet feelings. We were able to relate to them so easily because we've been there. It was really good to be able to encourage them and just to talk about our experiences with them. To reassure them that re-entry is possible and that God is still working at home. Through the midst of all of this stuff it made me start to miss Spain again. A full year has now passed since I've said goodbye to the country that changed my life forever. That brought with it a certain sense of sadness because I'm not there anymore and also because I miss all of my friends. But it also brought a sense of peace, knowing that despite how I am feeling God is still good. Maybe one day I'll do back and maybe I won't but I know whatever happens it is all in God's hands.

Anyway so all in all it was a really good week. Now our REACHers are home and getting back into the grove of things. Well, at least some of them, for others they came back to the RIC to go out again. Five of them came back to go and be on the USA REACH team. They are spending ten days here and are doing some preparation for stuff for their summer. It has been so much fun being with them. It makes me really excited for REACH this year. They just seem to bring a totally different atmosphere to this place. I love it.

This week we have also been preparing for our next City Challenge group. That happens next week. I have been anticipating it for so long now. I'm tired of waiting for them to come! I ready for them and I say bring it on!! Let's get this summer started!