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And So it Begins . . .

Greetings and Salutations from the New Staff Interns,

Actually, this is only one Staff Intern writing, and I feel okay about putting those words in my teammates mouths. As of today we have officially finished our first week of Staff Orientation and are twenty four hours away from surviving our second official week of being the new Staff Interns. During our first week we spent a lot of time learning new things and information, and realizing just what we have gotten ourselves into. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the next year with lots of excitement and expectations. My highlight from the first week would probably be the Sunday morning I spent in a Church environment that was completely different from anything I have experienced. It was indeed a true celebration and I found myself challenged by the people's joy and worship. They were beyond hospitable and have now become examples to our team of what it means to truly welcome and love guests. I felt right at home even though everything was new and different. The moment I will never forget is when the pastor prayed for both Denise and I, and it was evident that God had given him the words to pray over us. I do not know that we will continue to attend this church for the rest of the year, but I do know we will never forget the body of Christ that ministered to us that day.

The Making of the REACHers: Tales from Discipleship Training


The weeks of sharing space in the Rosedale International Center are crammed with new experiences for REACH initiates. The 2011 teams have finished packing up their own vivid memories from DTS and are now on outreach gathering some more. A few of them were kind enough to share stories from their time in Columbus, from the serious to the lighthearted.

The Christmas Story Continued


It is incredible to me that another year of REACH training has already come to a close. The teams are all out and actively seeking and sharing the Lord in uncomfortable and sometimes difficult places. It is not the normal thing to walk away from comfort and into a place of challenges, but right now there are 21 young people who have willingly, and even excitedly, chosen to step forward to do just that.

Alumni Happenings Winter 2012

Every few months we put together a list of births, weddings, and other interesting alumni happenings to keep you up to date on what is going on.