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Summer's Close Part VI

So the summer has been crazy, stretching, out of control and so much fun. It has been crazy for the simple fact that we  had 300 some kids come through City Challenge this year. It was nuts most of the time. I am not really sure how we made it through other than God was giving us energy and the strength to go on. So over the summer I again learned to trust in God no matter what came our way or how tired we where. That we can always trust in Him no matter what comes our way.

Summer's Close Part V

As I reflect back on what has been the best summer of my life so far, I can only thank God for the priviledge of being a part of what He did here.  Being a summer urban volunteer at the Rosedale International Center was an awesome experience!  Working together with the program facilitator, Austin Beachy, the staff interns, Sam, Rachel, Brian, Toby, and Jesse, and the other summer urban volunteer, Beth, was awesome in itself.  As a team, we saw God work in amazing ways throughout the two months of running the City Challenge program.  And He did not restrict Himself to working solely in the lives of the youth groups that came each week; He worked in our lives as well.

Summer's Close Part IV

I learned so much this summer, so much that it's hard to sum it all up. Every week I learned something new about God. How He is a provider of energy, and how His faithfulness is new every morning. How we are there to be a blessing but yet end up being blessed in return. I was impacted and humbled the most by the fact that I was a vessel sharing only a small portion of His love. There were so many ministry nights or days when I didn't feel like I had anything to give, but then God would come and surprise me. I remember smiling at how God had showed up through my prayers. Who am I? It's humbling to be apart of His Kingdom work. I never want to take for granted what I hear from Him. I saw God use everyone of us staff this summer. In every way, small and big, it was all for His glory. And he chose to let us be apart of that. Wow!

Summer's Close Part III

City challenge has been incredible, my emotions are so bittersweet coming out of this stage. I have never been so blessed, energized, worn out and tired at the same time. To me the most amazing part of City challenge was simply God's faithfulness in everything even the little things and how He worked in and threw the kids each week. I will share a few stories. A big thing was that every day that it was raining and we needed to have outreach, prayer walk, prayer challenge or anything outside God would always take away the rain when we needed gone. I remember one time specifically, I woke up and looked out side to it dumping down rain, we had one of our largest groups here and I couldn't just change up outreaches. So us staff prayed about it clearing up from 1-4 when we had outreach. We went and looked at the hourly forecast after that. It said that rain was 85% up until 1, then from 1-4 it was only 15% and then 4 till evening was back to 85%...and it did exactly that. It rained until 12:30ish and then didn't rain again until a little after 4. Seriously all summer every time that it was going to rain God would always clear it up for us!

Summer's Close Part II

There is no doubt that God was working in and around the RIC this summer. From the very little (answered prayers for good weather, energy that didn't run out, etc.), to the very big (a gracious and accepting staff, changed lives, times of healing, and so much more), God was moving and making himself known in Columbus.
I began the summer by asking God to open doors for me to share a deep and intentional connection with one girl from each group. With only 5 days to establish a friendship worthy of trust and influence, this was a bigger request than initially thought. Though this was asking much, week after week God continually brought a specific girl to my attention - every week! Through common hurts, through shared experiences, or even a cheesy sense of humor - God used my flaws and failures as a way to draw young hearts to His own, as we shared and lifted one another up and spurred each other on to dig deeper.

Summer's Close Part I

The time has come. Our summer crammed full of City Challenge is over. In fact it has been over for a few weeks now. Since then the staff have been able to hang out at Conference been able to take a much needed break and are now back and ready for go for REACH to start! It does feel like everything is go go go all the time around here but it has been, is, and will continue to be so rewarding. We have seen the Lord working in such cool ways this summer so that makes us twice as excited for whats to come this fall. 

As we see the Lord work we can't help but be changed by it. Here are some thoughts from the staff about this summer and what it was like for them. To all you City Challengers keep up the MOMENTUM!! Thanks for a sweet summer!