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City Challenge #2

So these last two weeks have been a little bit crazy. We had two youth groups here for City Challenge. They where pretty big youth groups. So we had around 55 kids plus leaders running around here. But it was a lot of fun in seeing God work in the lives of the kids that have come here. Every week we can't wait to see God come and work in the lives of the kids that come here. There has not been a week that we have come away disappointed. But any way back to the groups that where here. We had a wonderful time doing homeless outreach on Wednesday.  Thursday was the prayer challenge. The kids came back with some interesting stories and some real God experiences. It was wonderful to see how the kids saw God working in the city and in the people that they meet. For the staff it is good in the fact that we get a little break from the craziness that is going on here at the RIC.

Summer of CC

Looking back on the past week, I stand in awe of our God!  This was my first time helping out with City Challenge, so I was not quite sure what to expect.  I had heard from friends who participated in years past that it was a life changing experience, yet I wondered how that was possible in only one week.  With the arrival of the Riverview and Agape youth groups here at the RIC Wednesday afternoon, I was about to find out.
After orientation the youth were split into small groups and sent to help out at various homeless ministries throughout the city of Columbus.  The particular group that I was with went to Manna Cafe, an outreach of a local church.  I was encouraged to see the enthusiasm of the youth as they helped to serve and clean up the meal that evening.  However, what blessed me the most was to see them holding meaningful conversations with the homeless there during the meal.  Later I would learn that for many of them volunteering in this way was a first-time experience.  It was awesome to see them putting what would be one of of the major themes of the week, "stepping out of our comfort boxes," into practice right away.  At debriefing that evening as each group shared their experiences, I was thrilled by the enthusiasm in the voices of the young people.  God had used them to bless those in need, and they were excited.  In my heart, I knew that the week was off to a good start!

Catching Up

Here is an update that covers some of the last couple months so, sorry if am repeating somethings you've heard from the others.  

Dear Family and Friends,

When I think over the last couple months, since I last wrote you all, so much has happened. There have been times, that things have been a challenge for me here and tiring. Then there's the times that have been so neat to be apart of as we've seen God work here through ministry. I hope to give you a little over view of what's been happening around here these last two months, what God has been challenging me with or speaking to me about, and just how you can be praying for me over these summer months.