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From the End of One Thing to the Beginning of Another

This past week was a little bit of everything, from chaotic to peaceful and relaxing. We all were wishing our mothers were here on Sunday for Mother's day, and some had that wish come true. So i guess a shout out to all of our mothers and the incredible impact that they have had on our lives. I know without my mother I would never have been involved with REACH and wouldn't be close to where i am today. Thanks for all your prayers and love mom!!! I love you!

Finding God in Detroit

Well this last week was a very eventful one. All of us staff interns plus Austin went to Detroit to do our staff missions trip. We where only there from Tuesday morning to Friday morning but we got to experience a lot of different things. Our first day there was spent mostly at a free Medical and Dental clinic. They didn't need any help inside the clinic really so we where placed on the ground crew which meant we got to go around the neighborhood and tell everybody about the clinic. This involved going door to door telling people where it was at and what was happening with the clinic as well as asking them if we could pray for them. The neighborhood we where in was actually a very bad part of town. Brian was told not to wear his sweat shirt because it was black and red which were gang colors so people might try to attack him. Needless to say nothing like that happened but we where defiantly keeping an eye out for possible attackers.