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Another Week at the RIC

Where does the time go? We're all busy trying to wrap up the last of all our homework responsiblities so that we can get ready for a crazy summer! City Challenge is right around the corner!! With City Challenge comes the warm weather and we've already taken advantage of this. Monday we all changed into our get dirty garb and went to the park for some fun! It was raining and the field was mush! It wasn't long before our game of throwing the frisbee turned into let's get muddy. We made a game out of diving for the frisbee. Bam's was the best I must say. I made him dive through a puddle after he had made sure I had been throughly mudded. It was extravagant! Nothing like getting your face in the mud!! When we called it quits, we all were throughly mudded when we came back to the RIC. We took hot showers and then went out to eat at a Chinese Buffet! My only complaint was the bitter ice cream!