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Doing God's Will

I've fielded these questions and have asked them myself
hundreds of times. They're often accompanied with fear and anxiety: What if I make the wrong decision? What if something better comes along? What if I fail? And on and on...we get stuck in the mindset that we can figure it all out and that it all depends on us.

Alumni Happenings Spring 2011

Every few months we put together a list of births, weddings, and other interesting alumni happenings to keep you up to date on what is going on. Here are the Spring 2011 updates:

Our Prayers and God's POWER!


By Megan, REACH Himalaya

As I sat beside the local pastor, I glanced through the photos that he had given me. One photo caught my attention, especially when he pointed at it and said, "nya jiwan," which means "new life." He said that he took the photo because it represented what God has done for us. It was a photo of a jagged, hollow tree stump that was a few feet tall, and growing up from the middle of it was a young tree. He went on to paraphrase 2 Corinthians 5:17 in his broken English. This image of the dead trunk being the old creation, and the new life as a representation of what God has done for us, is something that I have begun to identify with even more.

God is Good!

Since the exciting adventure with our first city challenge group, things have gone back to the normal routine. It was kind of hard to transition from one thing to the other and back again but God was good and I loved being a part of the city challenge group. One big change has occurred particularly in my area of work. A big part of my work has been in keeping the RIC clean and getting rooms ready for groups that come and rent the building. Well, Austin gave me the great news that they have hired someone to help cover this department of RIC. So now I have the fun of helping Angie learn the ropes and then she will be taking charge and I will work under her. I am totally fine with this as the job load was big and I felt like I couldn't adequately cover it along with all my other responsibilities. So now, I should only be working about 10 hours a week helping in cleaning the house instead of a lot more. =) I have to give God thanks for Him bringing this about. He knew that I needed this and I feel blessed. Austin was great in getting the ball rolling and letting it be known that another person was needed.

Clinton Christian City Challenge

This past week was full of new adventure for us staff interns, as we experienced our first City Challenge group!!! So the group was coming Tuesday evening. So all day Tuesday we spent preparing for the the group to come, mostly covering the group in prayer. As the time of arrival for the Clinton Christian group grew closer and closer us staffers started grinding our teeth, pacing the floor, and playing with rubber bands, in anticipation for the following 3 days. Then the bus pulled in and all we saw were a bunch of high school kids staring out the windows at the three guys all wearing marvelous plaid shirts and giant grins on our faces. So we helping them bring in all their stuff and split into groups for a tour of the facilities. Then we released them to unpack their stuff. All the girls disappeared, while all the guys went straight to the game room to play ping pong. Us staffers started making some forced small talk but things were just a bit awkward. But then it was time for session to start, we gut up to the classroom but the leaders and Austin were still in their meeting. So we had 50 people all out in the entrance way to the big classroom. All of us staffers thinking to ourselves what do we do. So I decided lets play team rock, paper, scissors. Basically if you get beat by someone then you cheer for them along with all your followers from your victories. So everyone  started playing and it got crazy loud, everyone cheering for someone else until there were only two left, Tobyites and the Annettites, both sides going crazy almost screaming for their fearless leaders... as the battle started both sides grew silent in anticipation... Toby lays down a rock....and Annettes was paper!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!! the Tobyites lost, our side fell to our knees almost in tears. Ok so it wasn't that intense but it felt almost that way. But this turned out to be a great way to break the ice, everyone was real vocal and open with each other. From there on out it almost felt like we knew each other for weeks rather than the hours that we had.