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Hard to Believe

Its hard to believe that next week will already start us into the month of March. A lot has happened since we all first arrived as staffers. I think I can correctly say that we each have learned and been challenged in different ways since coming.

Toby's Update

Well this week was the same as most. We clean the house every Monday after the groups are gone along with our weekly Intercession and fasting time. Throughout the rest of the weeks nothing out of the ordinary happened. We all did our various community outreaches. I go to a furniture bank on the west side this week and got to paint a bunch of tables that will be given to families that need furniture but cant afford any.  We have bean learning a lot about listening to and hearing Gods voice in the book Experiencing God. It is a challenge some times to wrap our heads around it but its been really good so far. For intercession last Monday we prayed for the Thailand Team and had a time to listen for God and see if he had anything for the team. It was cool to see that some of the same themes came up even though we where all praying in different rooms. It was a good week though.  

Preparation for what's to Come!

Hey this is Brian the outreach coordinator, so basically I contact and organize different volunteer outreaches for us staff members to do each week. I will also be organizing outreaches for the City Challenge groups, which is stressing me out a bit, so you can be praying about all that stuff getting worked out. But this past week us staff figured out our personal outreaches for each week. Samantha and Rachel are helping at Franklinton youth group on Wednesdays, while us three guys work at Manna Cafe, which is a soup kitchen on Wednesday nights. Then Rachel helps at a free clinic, Samantha is helping at an after school program called the zone, Toby works at the furniture bank of central Ohio, and then Jesse and I working at Rebuilding together. We are all very excited about each of these opportunities, because they are all places that fit our interests and skills really well. Jesse and I are trying to find a church that we like in our outreach area and so that has taken us to some interesting churches. The other three staffers are attending Franklinton Vineyard and they really enjoy it.

The Disciple's Choice

Recently I read an old story about a man who was on a trip to the next town.  On his way he was mugged and badly beaten.