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At the RIC

As I sit here at the front desk at the RIC, the sun is setting after a cold day here in Columbus, Ohio. We are at the end of our second week of being staff here at the RIC. This week was quite interesting as we all have been trying to understand what each of our positions entail and how to get everything done in a productive way. For me, being the Hostess entails several different tasks. This week was filled with cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms, getting them ready for the group that is coming this evening. It is a challenge to try and get this big place clean and ready to go, but thankfully my staff teammates pitch in and help out which is a true blessing. I am weary but it is a good feeling, knowing all that was accomplished this week.

Meet the Staff Interns


With the new year come changes in how things look here at the Rosedale International Center. Perhaps the most prominent change is in our staff internship positions. Let me introduce you briefly to our new staff (left to right):